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Dave Ramont Live

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“Differentiating oneself in the burgeoning field of alternative country artists is a tricky proposition these days, but Dave Ramont stands tall in the crowd.” –Performing Songwriter magazine

Ramont was born with a song in his head; the doctors couldn’t get it out. Since then he’s played extensively around the Chicago area, as well as the Midwest, South & East.

He’s released 4 solo records and 3 more with swillbilly band dick smith, which he co-founded. Currently he’s recording new material, kicking stuff down the street and playing songs for rye whisky & sandwiches.

“Dave Ramont is a fine guitarist and vocalist in his own right- better than so much other stuff I hear out of the Chicago area.” –Richard Milne, WXRT, Chicago

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Dan Asio Live

Dan Asio is a singer/songwriter with a deep passion for all things music that easily shows through his energetic and charismatic live performances. From the birth of Rock & Roll to its modern day form, his influences cover a little bit of everything. The Beatles to Nirvana, Buddy Holly to John Mayer, CCR to RHCP and so much more in between. There's a little something for everyone and potentially something new to discover, all for the love of music.

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